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In cooperation with local authorities, Dexter Offshore is pleased to announce the opening of a sea storage area for shallow water vessels and barges in the UAE. Our aim is to offer easy and hassle free access at a lower cost, which is a privilege not given by many other ports, jetties and anchorages.

All vessels can be securely moored with heavy anchor gravity blocks and lines in a sheltered area. Whether the vessel is fully manned, partially manned or even unmanned, our services are in full compliance with local rules and regulations.

Our storage area features the following benefits for Owners and Operators:

  • Easy and hassle free access
  • No need to wait 48 hours for security passes and CID clearance
  • In-house marine surveillance and maintenance team
  • Fully sheltered area
  • Vessels are protected from swell, current and waves
  • Possibility for warm and cold stacking
  • Possibility to conduct all types of repairs and maintenance whist afloat
  • Lower berthing fees than all ports in GCC

Increasing your chances for business

Optionally, through Dexter Offshore’s broad network of Charterers and potential buyers, we can assist increasing your chances for business for the vessel.


There are still a few places available, hence hire your safe and secure mooring point now and save thousands of dollars per month.

For more information about this service, call +971 4 430 8455 or fill in the form:

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