Rock, Aggregate and Sand Transport Carrier Services

rock and aggregate transportation

Coinciding with the development of the region, there is a growing need for reliable carriers of rock and aggregate to service construction works in Dexter’s area of operation.

Rock transport carriers

We have successfully transported millions of tonnes of rock material in various sizes using flat top barges with side walls. These chartered barges are towed by tugs and are between 7,000 DWT and 25,000 DWT. Usually the deck of these barges is protected with an asphalt or cement layer.

Sand transport carriers

Finding the right balance between fuel efficiency, towage speed and minimisation of down time is a difficult balancing act. Dexter achieves this balance through thorough selection of the most appropriate bulk carrier or tug/barge combination. We have proven to be a highly successful partner for all sorts of building contractors and sand traders.

Aggregate transport carriers

Crushed gabbro or limestone is an essential rough material for manufacturing asphalt and cement. Over the past few years we have been transporting tremendous amounts of aggregate using bulk carriers and tug/barge combinations.