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Marine Salvage and Types – Everything You Need to Know

  Marine salvage – it’s a topic that probably evokes many thoughts of rescuing long-lost shipwrecks from the bottom of the ocean, but in reality, it’s often somewhat more banal. Despite this, it’s an incredibly important service, which allows vessel and cargo owners from around the world to be reunited with their property, as well […]

Types of Vessels & Ships – Ultimate Guide 2023

  Spend some time on the open ocean and you’re likely to come across many types of ships and vessels, all with specific roles to play in the maritime world. These range from giant container ships built to transport cargo across the globe to small yet powerful tugs – vital vessels at every port. But […]

Ship Chartering – Full Process Explained

  Ship chartering is a common practice throughout the world. However, most people outside the industry don’t understand how it works. On this page, we’ll be attempting to put that right, providing a simple, jargon-free guide to the ship chartering process. What is Ship Chartering? Ship chartering is the process of renting a ship to […]

Types of Dredgers and their uses in Marine Operations

  Dredgers are a vital component of the worldwide shipping fleet, with various dredger types performing excavations and scraping of the seabed for a multitude of reasons. Without them, many of the coastal shipping channels and harbours around the world would be unusable. This would have a huge knock-on effect on the entire global supply […]

Ship lay up Guide: Procedure and Types

  In today’s economic climate, many shipping companies, including ship chartering companies, are having to re-evaluate their business strategies. For some, this means selling their ships entirely, but many others choose to lay-up their vessels until the time comes when they’re economical to use again. A ship lay-up might sound simple, but it’s actually a […]

Everything You Need to Know About Tugboats, Their Types, and Their Uses

Tugboats are an indispensable part of the global shipping industry, facilitating the safe passage of large ships through narrow channels, busy stretches, and shallow water, as well as performing several other vital duties, including firefighting and marine salvage. You’ll find tugboats being used in all manner of industries worldwide, from the cruise industry to the […]

Types of Barges

  Barges might seem like crafts from a bygone age, but they’re still used widely in modern shipping. Their relative simplicity and subsequent reliability make them highly valued workhorses, used in ports and rivers worldwide. But what type of vessel is a barge? What sizes do barges come in? And what are the different types […]

Voyage Charter vs Time Charter – Everything You Need to Know

One of the biggest questions facing a charterer is whether to opt for a voyage charter or a time charter. Evaluating voyage charter vs time charter can be a complex process, but we’ve broken everything down on this page, making it easier for charterers to decide which type of vessel chartering is best for them. […]

Vincent Weve Speaks At The OSJ Conference In Dubai

Our managing partner Vincent Weve has presented a 30 minute paper at the annual OSJ Middle East conference held in Dubai. The event took place on 28/29th November and brought together regional and international players in the offshore support vessel (OSV) sector such as Adnoc Logistics, P&O Maritime and Abu Dhabi Ports. It provides a […]

DEX 3 In Action With Local Vessel Crew

Crew Chartering With DEX 3 Dexter Marine were recently awarded a renewal from its valued client First Marine Services for the charter of crew vessel “DEX 3”. The renewal was subject to an increase of the seating capacity from 12 to 22 passengers. The UAE flagged vessel is currently undergoing drafting a new lines plan, […]

New China Harbour Engineering Company Partnership

New partnership with CHEC We’re proud to announce a new partnership with China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) for the lay-up of their chartered tugs and barges in our facility in Al Raffaa, Umm al Quwain. As of November 2021, CHEC we will be looking after 4 barges and a tug. The barges will be moored […]